Your Guide to Stylish Liverpool Blinds

So here you are, a fun-loving (if only on the inside) Liverpool resident looking to get your hands on some super great window dressings.  What to do?  Well, when you head to pick up those Liverpool blinds, keep some of the following style tips in mind.


The basic structure of the blinds you end up getting may depend on a number of things…

For instance, if it’s a large window or even sliding glass door you need clothed, your best bet will usually be a vertically hanging style blind.

This will cover a large space efficiently.

If you feel like throwing conventions to the wind, or you just have a normal size window, you certainly have more options.

Classic horizontal mini blinds are a flexible standard.

A fabric blind of similar construction (pull up and down) will stretch out flat against the glass and then bunch up toward the top.  The same would be true of wood or metal blinds as well.

The type of blind you get may very well depend on the space and conditions that you have to work with.  (Just try not to mix radically different ones too close together!)

Modern Bed with metal blinds Your Guide to Stylish Liverpool Blinds

In some cases, the type of material you should choose for your blinds may be obvious.

If you already have a number of pieces of wooden furniture – or fancy molding on the walls – the natural choice would be a wooden blind.

Stained to match existing accents, such a blind style would go a long way in unifying the feel of your room, as well as giving plenty of control over how much light gets in.

Yet another down-to-earth style blind can be found in the fabric or reed fields.

Woven cloth or strung-up reeds cover most of the light entering a room, while still allowing a warm glow to highlight the inviting atmosphere of your living space.

If your room contains warm earthy hues, or any natural style materials (such as pillow or bed covers, chairs, tables) this blind style is for you!

Even when drawn up, the subtle touch of mother nature will do anybody good.

In addition, a richly colored fabric can be just the bit of elegance you need to give that romantic palace feel to any bedroom.

If you’re of the mind that a good blind should not only look pretty, but fulfill a need, than you need look no further than an economically friendly honeycomb style blind.

Providing small pockets of air space between the glass and the rest of the room, these blinds will help keep warm air out in the summer and indoors in the winter.

Snatch up some of these and watch your heating bill fall.

From a style point of view, such material can be very effective at adding a modern feel to your room.

New-age never looked so affordable!

Continuing with the theme of modern fashion, you might want to consider metal blinds for your room.

When made of a lightweight material such as aluminum, metal blinds need not be a bulky atrocity.  Rather, they can give a look of cool efficiency and cleanliness.

A downside might be that variety in the color department will probably be a bit lacking, and things like dust and pet dander may show up more easily on a shiny metallic surface.


Regardless of what style Liverpool blinds you end up choosing, this author hopes to have lessened the feeling of hopelessness that may creep up when entering a showroom filled with a consortium of different products.

Now you can shop with confidence, as you examine every style of Liverpool blinds with the eye of a bonafide expert!

Best wishes,

John Taylor

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