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Looking For Liverpool Blinds? The Stylish & Budget Friendly…

Liverpool Blinds on a budget: dress up your room without breaking the bank…

Let’s face it: the odds of a television crew showing up at your door with a fist full of cash and an entire gang of home decorators is slim to none.  You’ll probably win the lottery first; in which case you could just hire your own decorators (and film crew, if that’s your fancy).Wooden Blinds liverpool Looking For Liverpool Blinds? The Stylish & Budget Friendly...

Fortunately, money need not stop you from giving your rooms the attention to detail they deserve.

And what better way to dress up that drab living space than with some new window blinds?

(And if you if you can get your hands on Liverpool blinds, then you’re in for a treat, since we’ll be looking at some specific vendors in your area!)

Never really given much thought to your window blinds before?

No worries.

Here’s a short list of (just about) everything you need to know when shopping for blinds on a budget…

First off, we have the classic venetian blinds.

Also known as mini blinds, these champions of the economic stylist certainly won’t break the budget.

Typically make of vinyl or other plastics, they won’t be as pricey as other materials such as wood, metal, or sweeping fabric treatments.

One plus for mini blinds would definitely have to be the sheer number of colors you have at your fingertips – able to fit just about any décor.

While they won’t draw much attention (a good thing if you have already placed emphasis on other element within the room) they won’t win you any high fashion awards either.

They do, however, offer a great degree of control over how much light gets into your room – in case you’re picky about those little details – and can be found at just about any hardware store.

For a bit of a classy look, you might consider wooden blinds
(either faux or the real deal).

These are very good at blocking harsh solar rays, in addition to bringing a more traditional look and feel to any room.

What’s more…

…If you have existing wood furniture, you can stain these blinds to match – you clever sophisticate, you!

As with their mini blind cousin, wooden blinds of the faux (plastic) variety come in many shapes and colors.

A possible downside of such a wooden window treatment, however, is that they may appear rather bulky when drawn up, and can be a bit heavy in some cases (especially when made of thick vinyl) due to their heftier design.

Yet another fancy window dressing that won’t break the bank is the fabric/reed shadereed shade blinds liverpool Looking For Liverpool Blinds? The Stylish & Budget Friendly...

While not technically a window blind, these treatments are growing rapidly in popularity.

When coupled with natural materials throughout the rest of the room and/or rich, earthy tones, a fabric or reed blind can really unify the atmosphere of a space.

It should be noted that while coming in many different styles and materials, these do not usually block one hundred percent of the light.

A fabric blind will also function in almost the exact same way as your typical blinds – so no manual required.

All told, this type of window accent will let in warm light, and certainly emphasize that “I’m-in-tune-with-nature” side of your personality to all your friends.
Finally, for the economic and green-minded shopper, we find a wonderful fusion of energy efficiency and practicality in the form of (we’ve saved the best for last!) honeycomb blinds.

Usually not much heavier on the wallet than a fabric or wooden blind, this window dressing is a super energy saver – blocking light and insulating air due to it’s honeycomb shaped composition.

The air pockets created by this design trap warm air in during the winter, and keep hot sunlight out in the summer months.

You should also know that, unlike the wooden treatment, this type of blind folds up quite tidily when you want a full view of the outside world.

The initial cost might be slightly higher than that of the miserly mini blind, but you’ll quickly reap the saving when you get back your heating/electricity bill.

Whatever your budget ultimately dictates, here are a few shops in the Liverpool area that are sure to provide you with everything you need.

For the especially money-conscious decorator, you might hop over to Crystal Blinds located at 4 Kirkstone Rd North Liverpool, L21 7NS (Phone: 01744 22215).

If you think that you want to really go for the gusto with your new Liverpool blinds, feel free to check out the oh-so-stylish Perfect Blinds, which can be found at Stafford House, 52 Stafford St. Liverpool, L3 8LX  (Freephone: 0845 521 1901).

John Taylor

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Liverpool Blinds: One Question That Will Help You Pick The Right Shape For Your Window Blinds

When it come to blinds, most minds naturally drift to the thought of dreadfully dusty vinyl mini blinds caught in a permanent diagonal knot – or is that just me?  Regardless of your previous associations with the term, the fact is that Liverpool blinds have a lot more to offer than just plain old horizontal plastic slats.liverpool blinds horizontal or vertical Liverpool Blinds: One Question That Will Help You Pick The Right Shape For Your Window Blinds

In fact, there is a whole world of vertical blinds out there just waiting to be discovered!

Don’t be scared, though, if this throws you for a loop – you’ve come to the right place.

So here you are, ready to pick out some news blinds for your window, glass door, or port hole.  You must first answer this one important question before proceeding:

Horizontal or vertical?

Really, there are a lot of different things to consider before make such a decision, so let’s look at each style, one at a time.

The biggest consideration will most likely be the size of the space that you want to cover.

If it is something larger than your average, run-of-the-mill window, (like a sliding glass door) then vertical blind are often your best bet.

The most obvious bonus is that they effectively cover large areas.

A vertically hanging blind won’t require all the rigging you see on even the simplest plastic mini blinds, since you won’t be pulling the individual parts up and down.  When fully covering, for example, french doors, vertical blinds will also provide decent insulation by keeping air from leaking in or out of the room/house.

Additional benefits of vertical style blinds include convenience, along with more traditional feel.

Dust and pet dander won’t accumulate nearly as much to hanging slats, since they don’t present a flat surface to rest upon.

If you elect to get coated or vinyl materials, this would make cleaning even easier.

Vertical blinds will no doubt be especially appealing to someone who already has a similar preexisting traditional décor.

The downside is that they won’t tend to play nice with some more modern stylings.

Also beware the awkward faux pas of placing standard horizontal-lying blinds alongside – it might not look very attractive.

Your second option is – you guessed it – horizontal blinds.

While certainly more common, they are by no means ordinary or hum-drum if chosen with a bit of care.

When considering traditional flat-lying blinds, the hardest part might very well be picking from the vast array of different styles available. Ranging from the omnipresent venetian “mini” blind, to sophisticated folding fabric materials.

Just so you don’t feel too lost, here is a quick run-down of some details you should consider within this large category.

Size is normally not much of an issue, provided your window in question is at least close to average size.

Even if it isn’t, don’t worry.

For one thing, you could head over to a company like Riverside Blinds, located conveniently right at 274 Park Road, Liverpool Merseyside L8 4UE (Tel: 0151 2835600).

A place like this will give you all the custom sizing you could ever want – for all those irregular, rebellious windows out there.  Even at larger sizes, a horizontal blind can still be effective, so don’t think of this as a huge limitation.

The many materials available may also seem a bit intimidating at first.

Plastics can of course be the cheapest, lightest weight  option. Some wood blinds, however, can actually be lighter than their faux wood brothers, depending on the type of composition.  Both of these styles will offer excellent, adjustable sun protection, although less in the way of insulation.

Next we have fabric or reed style blinds…

…Which don’t have to be very pricey, yet can add a nice touch of modern design to almost any room.

Letting in a bit of warm light even when drawn closed (which may or may not be desirable for your needs), these certainly help accent the mood of a room (though, again, won’t offer much in the way of insulating air).

It should also be noted that you can choose a variety of “roll-up” or folding style blinds – monikers simply referring to the different ways in which the material gathers as it is raised.

Whether you choose vertical or horizontal, you shouldn’t easily be disappointed by a lack of variety in window blinds, especially if you live in Liverpool.

With so many options, you might do well to check with a manufacturer like Crystal Blinds by phone at 0151 546 7315 or online at  You should be able to easily find out where to pick up your favorite Liverpool blinds; whichever you end up choosing.


John Taylor

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